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Striowski prosthetic eyes

Every one is unique

Who do we serve?

Anyone who is without sight in one or both eyes is eligible for a prosthetic eye.  Individuals usually choose to wear a prosthesis if the appearance of their non-functioning eye has become a concern to them: it interferes with their ability connect with other people or does not reflect their sense of self when they look in the mirror.  If you are interested in finding out if our services are a good match for you, please come in for a free consultation.  You can book that 

What is a prosthetic eye?

A prosthetic eye is a meniscus shaped lens that is custom painted and molded to imitate the appearance of an individual’s own natural eye.  It does not restore the ability to see, but it does allow the wearer to make eye contact more easily with others in everyday communication.

Did You Know??

The word meniscus comes from the Greek word for "crescent moon," and describes any lens shape that is convex on one side and concave on the other. 


Many people are surprised to find out that prosthetic eyes are meniscus-shaped rather than spherical. 


The reason for this is that a prosthetic eye is worn over either a sightless eye or a spherical implant.

Prosthetic eye shape artificial eye shape meniscus concave convex

Our Approach

At Striowski Prosthetic Eyes we respect the individuality of our patients.  Every one of you has your own story that has brought you here, and we are sensitive to the fact that your eye loss has, in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons, involved a lot of pain.


 We hope to be part of your healing and to provide a service to you where you can feel safe and comfortable at every step.  Every eye is as unique as a fingerprint, and we treat the creation of your custom prosthetic eye as a celebration of your irreducible originality.

Read more about the process of making a prosthetic eye

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